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The DA have refused to attend the debate.

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11 Mar  |  (Kategorie : Politiek - Suid-Afrika)
The DA have refused to attend the debate.

The DA have refused to attend the debate.

The answer we have received is that neither the DA candidate, Wandisile Ngeyi, nor any other DA representative would attend the Milnerton - Ward 4 debate scheduled for this evening.

We apologise, but as a result of this the very purpose of the debate becomes null and void.

The reason for the Milnerton By-Election was because the former DA Councillor, Mr Thando Jafta was removed for misconduct and poor performance.

The debate would have been to question and challenge the DA on their bad policies, unfit candidates, and their disregard for the interests of those that voted for them in Milnerton, and those that have voted for them throughout the Cape.

Without the opportunity to get answers to these questions, or to challenge them with alternative solutions - the purpose of a 'DEBATE' no longer exists.

We were looking forward to engaging the DA and Milnerton voters on a public platform, but will instead have to engage directly with Milnerton voters through our campaign drives this Saturday and Sunday.

Again, we apologise to those who intended to join us this evening.

But we hope to see you this weekend!More information to follow.

Thank you.



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The DA have refused to attend the debate.